Turkey (remote)

Web3 Program Leader


Patika.dev is the largest developer community in Turkey with 120,000 developers and runs the only scalable blockchain training programs in the country. We’re creating one of the best pathways for talented people to start building in web3. Since March 2022, we formed partnerships with the leading web3 ecosystems, including Solana, Ethereum Foundation, NEAR, and already helped 3,000+ developers from 64 countries take their first step into this new world!

We’re now looking for a web3 Program Leader in Turkey.

💪 Responsibilities:

Your main goal = To start and nurture an elite builder community in Turkey. You’ll be working to identify and grow the best of the best developers and designers in the blockchain ecosystem, help them build projects and ventures.

- ATTRACT: Attract elite developers and designers to web3 and engage them in our community through the right messages, strategies, and events,
- BUILD: Help community members build successful web3 projects, attend hackathons, and build ventures,
- AMPLIFY: Work with Patika.dev’s partners to grow our relationships, and present our work in Turkey and beyond effectively.

📋 Let’s meet if you meet the following requirements:

- Strong entrepreneurial and startup experience,
- Proven community building skills,
- Technical experience with web3 and blockchain technologies,
- Preferably you’ve joined or organized hackathons before and built projects,
- Team and project management skills,
- Live in Turkey and feel comfortable to organize / attend in-person events, especially in Istanbul and Ankara,
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.