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Why launch your school and

70% saving ­čĺŞ

Cohort-based hiring helps you save 70% in hiring and onboarding costs compared to hiring talent one by one

Predictable talent pipeline ­čĺ¬

DonÔÇÖt limit yourself to existing talent on the market: Nurture your own talent pipeline in your own tech stack

Improve hiring performance ­čÄ»

Stop missing great candidates and donÔÇÖt lose time with bad hires any more

50% more efficient onboarding ­čĽÂ´ŞĆ

We onboard candidates to your company during the bootcamp. No more need for you to spend days on it!

Improve team diversity ­čĹĆ

Most diverse candidates are eliminated from traditional recruiting since hiring practices are black box.  Let a diverse pool of candidates to showcase their skills during bootcamps.

Boost employer branding ­čś╗

Providing free training is a great way to invest in community. Invite your own job applicants to the cohort experience instead of shooting a rejection email to them

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How it works

Create your branded program

We design a branded practicum for your specific talent needs and amplify it among our community and your own job applicants. Then we select the candidates that would fit into your hiring criteria. Because we're looking for grit and learning ability of candidates rather than traditional resumes, our program attracts many more diverse candidates than traditional hiring.

Free training and project period

We upskill the selected candidates in your skills needs during practicum. You as an employer have a dashboard to see how the candidates are learning and interacting in a peer learning environment.

Hire in cohorts

The successful graduates start apprenticeship at your company - Patika keeps supporting them! Once you're ready to hire them,
you hire as many talent as you need from the cohort!

Pixel art illustration showing a career path

95% of our partners recommend Patika

"Every company should work with Patika"

At my company, our goal was to recruit new, fresh talent for our software team. But we were struggling with finding software developers with the skills we needed. Working with Patika accelerated the process a lot - they quickly found the talent we needed that precisely had the competencies we wanted. We recommend working with Patika to everyone.

Uygar ├ľzesmi

"With this new train-then-hire model, we provided opportunities to new graduates and those with a maximum of two years of work experience."

We launched the n11 TalentHub Bootcamp with Patika to support the careers of young talents, which demonstrates our values and position in the sector. Many talented, aspiring developers received a world-class training and were supported by our colleagues for 8 weeks through the Bootcamp. With this new train-then-hire model, we provided opportunities to new graduates and those with a maximum of two years of work experience. This model has offered a unique career path to those who want to improve themselves in these areas and build a career in the e-commerce sector. We are happy to see 21 new team members among us after the program.
People Team

"Working with Patika gave us a great advantage in adding valuable colleagues to our rapidly growing team."

Working with Patika gave us a great advantage in adding valuable colleagues to our rapidly growing team. I would like to thank this valuable team.

Bar─▒┼č ┼×im┼ček
A101 Ecommerce Technology Manager

"Thanks to the great collaboration with Kodluyoruz and Patika teams."

Serving the talent needs of the Turkish mobile gaming industry and seeing 100% employment rate of our graduates proved to us that we did something right and to be proud of! We aim to continue these talent development efforts in Turkey thanks to the great collaboration with Kodluyoruz and Patika teams.

Seckin Tokg├Âz
Head of Ads Marketing at Google

"Patika was a great partner in talent acquisition, and the team also made the process very enjoyable to work together."

We completed our hiring process very efficiently thanks to the harmony we established with the Patika team. In addition to being great partners in talent acquisition, the team made the process very enjoyable for us to work together. Thank you very much for all the support in this process, and we are very excited to start working with the new teammates you found for us :)

Pelin Civan
People & Culture Lead @Kunduz

"Our branded bootcamp brought very valuable colleagues to our company - they are great culture fit!"

We have opened two bootcamps with the Patika team. Both of them helped us find and recruit really valuable new talent, they fit our culture perfectly!
Our first bootcamp that was in frontend development, and we were very pleased with the results after we hired from the classroom. When we needed new talent in backend development, we decided to work with Patika again since it is a more efficient process than hiring several people by ourselves. Our collaboration is continuing very successfully. We are quite happy to add new friends to our team!

Hande Erener G├╝rani
HR Manager @Apsiyon

"We've forgotten the difficulty of finding great talent since we started working with Patika"

As a tech startup, our biggest challenge is finding the right tech talent. Since the senior developer market has recently been so hot, we decided to hire junior / mid developers and train them ourselves. But even so, the difficulty of finding the right people that have the technical and soft skills we required was overwhelming.
I can honestly say that we have almost forgotten about this problem since we started working with Patika. I think what Patika is doing by educating new talent for companies has contributed greatly to developers themselves, companies like ours, and to entire ecosystem.
Let me tell you a secret: I recommended Patika to my own cousin since he is interested in software development. I think it is the best place for any aspiring developer right now.

Sinan Zabuno─člu
Founder & CEO

"We have opened many bootcamps with Patika and recruited 100+ new developers"

As Trendyol, we have opened many bootcamps with Patika. We learned a lot in each bootcamp and improved the next one. With Patika, we talked about how to get better and better results after each bootcamp. These bootcamps helped us recruit more than 100 new developers that are very good fit to our teams. The bootcamps don't only train new talent technically, but also provides us a space to convey our company culture and "Trendyol way of doing things" to upcoming talent. Our journey with Patika continues at full speed!

Muzaffer Se├žgin
Technology HR @Trendyol Group

"Patika trains tech talent at scale with their result-oriented and sincere approach"

When working with Patika, we felt as if we are working with our own team. Their team is super friendly and result-oriented. The model they developed not only helps companies finally have their own schools, but also prepares the next generation of new tech talent for the industry at scale. They have been achieving great results by finding the best methods to train new developers and allowing companies to adapt the process to themselves. Thanks to the whole Patika team for their contributions to the sector!

Burak Serhat
HR Specialist @SmartPulse Technology

"Our new team member has already started to take active roles and responsibility in the software team!"

We hired a bootcamp graduate of Patika recently. We are gladly surprised to see that he's already taking an active role and responsibility within the software team! We have been waiting to find such a motivated and well-prepared new team members for a long time, and finally we succeeded thanks to Patika! ­čśŐ

Batuhan Çam
Software Development Team Leader @Ecuex

"Our collaboration with Patika has contributed greatly to our company's entry to the Y Combinator"

We have started working remotely with a Patika graduate in Istanbul for our startup in Boston. We are very pleased with her technical skills, discipline and energy. She made a significant contribution to our company's entry into the Y Combinator. We plan to grow our team with more Patika graduates going forward.

Ege ├ľzgirin
Co-Founder @Oda Studio, YC'20

"Everyone complains about lack of good tech talent, but no one is trying to train new developers"

Before we opened our bootcamps with Kodluyoruz and Patika, we thought "Everyone complains about the lack of good tech talent, but no one is trying to train new developers". So, we decided to open 3 bootcamps to train 100 new developers in total. From these classes, we brought new talent into our team as Javascript Developers.
As Insider, we are committed to contributing to our country, its people, and the ecosystem. In this context, one of our most valuable projects was these bootcamps. We became a pioneer in this field as the first company to organize bootcamps with the Kodluyoruz and Patika.

N├╝ktem Luta
Recruitment Team Lead - Turkey, Insider

"Patika works as if they are a part of our company - it feels so comfortable to work together!"

Communicating our talent needs with Patika and understanding each other was such a smooth process. We have recruited new talent that is a great fit for our needs thanks to this approach, and I believe that we will achieve more together :) Thanks to Patika's sincere approach, I feel so comfortable working with Patika as if I am working with my own colleagues.

├ľzden G├Âk├že At─▒lgan
People and Culture Specialist @Mobillium

"Our new developers have already started to lead their projects!"

We needed new PHP developers to grow the technology team. When researching how to achieve the results we wanted in a more efficient way than traditional hiring, we met with the bootcamp model that Patika offers.  Opening our PHP Bootcamp was a very enjoyable process. Patika is an energetic and result-oriented team that understood our expectations and provided fast and accurate solutions. We are delighted to hire new talent from the bootcamp. Our new developers have already started to lead their projects!

Fatmanur Akta┼č
Talent Acquisition Specialist @Vivense

WeÔÇÖve got your back!

We customize the practicum training based on your tech stack and skills needs. If you donÔÇÖt see what you are looking for here, letÔÇÖs talk for a custom-made program just for your company.

Frontend Web

Javascript, React, Angular...

Backend Web

.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js...




iOS, Android, Flutter...

Data Science

Python, Machine Learning...

Case Studies

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