PROGRAMS is building the most structured onboarding experience for developers to web3. We will be working with the leading web3 companies to introduce developers to new technologies and help them launch their projects & careers.

We are super excited to have our first partnership with NEAR - the most developer-friendly platform for building decentralized applications and the third fastest-growing cryptocurrency ecosystem for developers!

🚀 We will launch new programs very soon!

What you'll find here

Structured, free courses 🎯

We know that it’s confusing and hard to onboard to fast-changing technologies like web3 without a structured pathway. At you’ll find the most clear pathways and courses - all for free!

Community support 💪

There’ll be hundreds of other developers helping in your learning journey on our Discord, office hours, and events. Cohort-based learning will make a big difference in your pace.

Job opportunities 🎉

Helping people move from training straight to jobs is in our DNA. At each program, we’ll help you learn about job opportunities, prepare for them, and kickstart your web3 career.


Most global developers feel at the periphery of where the cutting-edge stuff is happening. There is also a lack of well-structured web3 resources. We are ready to change this as a team that helped 3,000+ people get their first jobs in tech in the past years.


We are grateful for our community partners paving the way for web3 talent with us. Reach out to us to involve your community in our trainings or create your own talent pool!

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