Internet Computer Rust Bootcamp

Learn Rust and build your first smart contract with the help of Internet Computer!

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⏰ Applications due

July 3, 2023

🗓 Dates

This program is cohort-based. Enroll by July 3 and be a part of a cohort of learners!

⏳ Days

Self-paced with live training sessions

🌍 Location


🥳 Fee

This program is 100% free

Program details👇

🤓 Who should apply?

Learn Rust, the favorite programming language of programmers, and write your first smart contract on Internet Computer in this 6 week bootcamp!

👩‍💻We prioritize female developers for the bootcamp.

🔥The bootcamp is for you if you’re:

- Proficient in English,

- Experienced in a programming language.

🤝 Don’t worry if you have no prior knowledge of web3, there will be optional content about web3 fundamentals!

✍️️ Apply now for the best opportunity to become a Rust and smart contract developer.

🏆 Learning & building process

Phase 1 | Admission phase

Register now, learn the basics of web3, take a short programming assessment and join the kick-off session to get accepted to the bootcamp.

Phase 2 | Rust and Internet Computer Bootcamp

Once you're accepted, you'll gain access to online content and a lineup of sessions planned to help you learn all about Rust and Internet Computer. You'll also join closed Discord channels to receive mentorship support.

What you'll learn:

Blockchain basics

Rust course

  • Introduction to Rust
  • Ownership, Borrowing, and References
  • Structs and Enums
  • Iterator, Generics, Traits, Modules
  • Error Handling

Build on Internet Computer:

  • Introduction to Internet Computer and Rust
  • Building Smart Contracts with Rust and Working with Canisters
  • Developing, Testing, and Deploying dApps on the IC

Final project

💻 Other details

💙 Cost: Zero, thanks to Internet Computer!

🗓️ Time commitment: Once you're accepted to the bootcamp, you'll submit the final project in 6 weeks. We'll support you with online content and live training.

🙋 Community: You'll join an amazing community of Rust developers at Discord!

💰 What you'll get if you complete the training?

👉 Graduation certificate and a closed graduation ceremony in Istanbul!

👉 Exclusive access to Internet Protocol team to learn how you can continue your journey

👉Opportunity to receive support for jobs and grants in the Internet Computer ecosystem

Internet Computer

World Computer blockchain that reimagines the internet as an infinite smart contract platform.

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