Pre-training for ZKU.ONE in Solidity

This pre-training program will prepare you for the upcoming 2-month ZKU.ONE course in May. Our goal is to help you practice Solidity and submit the background assignment to be accepted to the ZKU.ONE.

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⏰ Applications due

April 25, 2022

🗓 Dates

Pre-training will start on April 8 and end on May 2

⏳ Days

This bootcamp is self-paced, you'll be working within a group

🌍 Location

Online - you can join from anywhere!

🥳 Fee

This program is 100% free

Program details👇

🤓 Who should apply?

Everyone! - no matter your education level, age, country, you’re welcome!

There are only 2 requirements:
- Good JavaScript knowledge.
- Good English language comprehension skills.

If you also have a good Solidity practice - great! But if you don’t know Solidity, don’t worry: This pre-training is for you to learn.

🏆 Learning & building process

Pre-training will start on April 8, but you can join by April 25.

Curriculum will include
- Main concepts
- Solidity tutorials

This program is a self-learning process. The students will be supporting each other on our Discord community.

💻 Other details

Once you submit the background assessment successfully, ZKU.ONE will accept you its own 2-month course.

ZKU.ONE is an online course and informal study group, for software developers to learn how to build market-ready products in web3 using zero-knowledge proof technology. The goal is to launch a ZK-product on mainnet within a couple of months.

The course pays up to $3,000 for course participation to each student. Details are on this video.


ZKU.ONE is funded with Harmony’s $300 Million Grant Fund, via zkDAO. Our mission is to provide free online training and basic income for zk-developers.

ZK has the potential for revolutionizing how crypto ecosystems are engineered and engaged with. By verifying the correctness of computations without knowledge transfer, ZK enables development of a new class of faster and more scalable protocols (such as in the case of ZK-rollups).

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