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Story of Patika.dev

The beginning of everything

After growing up in different parts of Turkey, we found ourselves in different universities in Turkey, the US, and the UK and corporate jobs with organizations like McKinsey and Eczacibasi. Our passion to do more impactful work led us to organizations like the World Bank and Malala Fund or help to build organizations like LaunchCode in the US.

We founded Kodluyoruz

Three of us started working together when, with the help of founder friends Aykut and Onur, we co-founded Kodluyoruz in Turkey in 2016 and pioneered the free coding bootcamp model. Kodluyoruz grew to be one of the most impactful education nonprofits in Turkey, helped thousands of people get jobs in technology, won social impact awards, and taught us a lot about creating pathways for tech careers at scale.

2021 the birth of Patika.dev

Aspiring to carry our learnings to a much larger scale globally, we founded Patika.dev in 2021 March, in the midst of the pandemic. We started off by partnering with top Turkish employers, such as Google and Trendyol, to offer free coding bootcamps with job placements at the end. In our first year, we launched more than 50 free coding bootcamps and helped almost 1000 people get started with their tech careers. In 2022, we started experimenting with various models to expand our impact beyond Turkey. By the end of 2022, our e-learning platform reached 130,000+ developers from Turkey while 150+ companies partnered with us to train and hire talent at scale.

We are growing with Patika.dev and our new global brand Rise In

In 2023, we expanded our coding bootcamps to the fast-growing web3 field. We launched our global web3 brand, . In the first year, we partnered with the top web3 ecosystems, such as Solana, Ethereum Foundation, Polkadot, BNB Chain, and more and became one of the top blockchain trainers in the world. In only 6 months, Rise In had students from 100+ countries and opened bootcamps in Turkey, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, and Pakistan.
In Turkey, we continued expanding our offering with Patika+ bootcamps, which is the best long-term coding bootcamp in the country.
In 2021, we founded Patika.dev as a handful of young, idealistic, ambitious people. By the end of 2023, in less than three years, we reached 40 full time employees, based in Turkey, USA, UAE, and India and grew to 250,000 learners from 90+ countries.

It is hard to imagine where this adventure will take us next.
Our Team
Gülcan Yayla
Co-Founder, CEO
Emre Şarbak
Co-Founder, CPO
Mustafa Can Kıranlı
Co-Founder, CTO
You might know Sude from her TikTok and Reel videos. While she's a software engineer by profession, her true passion lies in marketing! We can't list all the amazing things she's accomplished, but you can check out some of them on our social media accounts. Sude, we appreciate you!
Patika - Sude  Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager
Ali Alperen Arıkan
Alperen, after his studies in International Trade, dedicated himself to learning software development. He now serves as a Software Developer in our team!
After establishing a presence in America and Georgia, our team has now expanded to include members in Dubai and India. Welcome, Ankit, Chintan, and Sahitya! Do you all like baklava?
Patika.dev team
Önder Durak
We're not just about sports; we're also into art! Check out Önder's handmade masterpiece: this guitar.
Onur Adıyaman
Onur clinched the title of the first winner of 2024 in our monthly sports challenges with his impressive tennis and ski training.
After completing her studies in Child Development, İlay discovered Patika.dev during her personal development journey. Starting as an Operations intern, she has now progressed to the role of Jr. Product Manager!
Patika.dev team
Cansu Aymelek
The perks of remote work: Cansu Patika is sending her greetings from Berlin!
Tolga and Can are renowned for their motorcycle adventures on winding roads! Here's wishing them safe and enjoyable rides!
Patika.dev team

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