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Discover talented candidates who meet your expectations. Recruit individuals who have undergone technical and soft skills training in the areas you require, through our customized training paths, directly into your recruitment processes.
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Through our partnerships
people were hired
Through our partnerships
people were hired
Through our partnerships
people were hired
What we do?

New talent programs

Let's collaborate on building your early-stage talent program: We'll provide specialized training to the brightest young talents in our country, and you can hire them as a group from the pool of individuals we train.


 If you're interested in upskilling your current teams, we offer our Patika Cohorts product and trainer installation, featuring tailored training programs designed specifically for your needs.

Let's boost your visibility within our community

Let's collaborate on developing your early talent program: We'll provide specialized classes to train the brightest young individuals in our country for you, and you can recruit them as a group from our trained pool of candidates.

Let's expedite your interview process

Let's conduct interviews with candidates who possess sufficient technical knowledge. In a short period of time, let's identify successful candidates who can fulfill their responsibilities and help you find the right talent you're looking for.

Tailored training platform

With our Cohorts platform, we can customize the training flow according to your needs for in-house training or talent programs we create for you. You can easily track the training progress, achievements, and projects of the participants from a single dashboard.

Our seasoned trainers and mentors

Let us connect the candidates you identify as suitable for recruitment with our talent programs, specially crafted for you, led by the most experienced and innovative trainers in the industry.

Let us tailor programs specifically for you

We customize the training content, duration, and technologies to align with your specific requirements. Our services extend from Turkey to global markets, catering to corporate companies and startups alike.

Allow us to provide comprehensive curriculum services tailored to the technologies you require

We offer tailored training content across all technologies and frameworks, from Ruby to Salesforce Apex, from DevOps to Java. Let us create a customized talent program for you through our extensive curriculum service.
Case studies
Find the developers you're seeking
Let us design a custom program for your company, tailored to your specific needs, and seamlessly integrate the programmers you're searching for into your team.
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We greatly appreciate Patika.dev for streamlining and expediting our technical staff search process, saving us valuable time. This is particularly invaluable in the startup world, where resources are limited and efficiency is paramount.
M. Ali Erkan
Founder, Sportsperson
Through our partnerships
people were hired
In the early stages of our startup, established shortly after graduating from the Kodluyoruz Mobile Game Development Bootcamp, we fostered a collaborative environment by bringing onboard many individuals from the same bootcamp, initially as freelancers and later as full-time staff. Throughout this journey, we realized that the culture of our team was greatly enriched by the contributions of our colleagues, all of whom we had met through Kodluyoruz & Patika.dev. Our team members are passionate learners who constantly push the boundaries of their abilities, leading to continuous personal and professional growth. The impact of Kodluyoruz & Patika.dev on our development and progress is invaluable. Personally, their contributions to my game development career and my ability to identify talented individuals are beyond measure.
F13 Entertainment
Through our partnerships
people were hired
Initially, we faced challenges in finding software developers with the precise competencies we required for our team. However, thanks to Patika.dev, we swiftly identified young individuals with the exact skills and expertise we were seeking. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in search of top talent.
Uygar Özesmi
Founder, Good4Trust.org
We embarked on this journey with clear communication and mutual understanding, resulting in positive outcomes through effective listening and communication. I am confident that we will achieve even greater success together. Thanks to your sincere approach, I feel comfortable collaborating with my team members.
Özden Gökçe Atılgan
People and Culture Specialist @Mobillium
The bootcamps organized by Patika & Kodluyoruz make a significant contribution to equipping young talents with the technological literacy and skills necessary to thrive in the real sector. This approach not only fulfills the sectoral experience requirements of newcomers but also aids companies in discovering young resources with practical expertise. Thus far, we've recruited 2 individuals from bootcamps tailored for this purpose. Their eagerness to learn, drive for development, and strong analytical skills have greatly benefited our team. We highly value and support all initiatives aimed at empowering young people, including the efforts of Patika & Kodluyoruz.
Gül Gökyüzü
Masomo @HR Manager
Through our partnerships
people were hired
Collaborating with the Kodluyoruz & Patika.dev team, we experienced a seamless project journey with our team. Their solution-oriented and genuine approach effectively prepares new graduates for the professional world through comprehensive training programs. They excel at streamlining the training and onboarding processes for companies with their innovative solutions. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team for their dedication and expertise.
Burak Serhat
HR Specialist @SmartPulse Technology
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