Ba┼čvurular─▒m─▒z kapand─▒! G├Âsterdi─činiz yo─čun ilgi i├žin ├žok te┼čekk├╝r ederiz. ­čÜÇ

Full-stack Web Developer Bootcamp

+ 2.400 learners launched their careers
Ba┼člang─▒├ž tarihi: 5 ┼×ubat
Application deadline: March 25, 2024
90.000 Ôé║
120.000 Ôé║
Pay in 12 installments with your credit card, or extend to up to 36 months with shopping credit.
Get your payment refunded if you can't secure a job within 12 months after graduation!
Collaboration and professional mentorship
Comprehensive technical training
Money-back guarantee
Hands-on learning

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Step into a software career with us!
High salaries
Level up in coding and interview prep with our versatile technical content catered to all skill levels and high demand in the industry.
Flexible working conditions
Successful program graduates are directly employed by partner companies.
Global opportunities
Expand your network and forge friendships within Turkey's largest community of seasoned software developers and eager learners.

Get all the training you need to kickstart your career with this program

Daily Meetings
Conduct brief, regular meetings with team members to solve problems and discuss ongoing progress
I can only describe as a school, and I've loved school since I was a child. The friendly atmosphere here makes it even better. Thank you for providing this experience.
Ebubekir G.
Patika+ Cohort 2 Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp
Participate in individual or group assignments to advance project development
Soft-Skill Workshop
Engage in workshops focused on enhancing soft skills like communication, leadership, and problem-solving
I've been following for over a year, and when I learned about their new system called Patika+, I didn't hesitate to apply. Knowing's pioneering status in the field and their emphasis on practical learning in courses, I was eager to join the Patika+ training.
Hazal ├ľzer Altun
Patika+ Cohort 2 Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp
Preparation for the interview
Engage in interview simulations for job interview readiness
Joint Study Hours
Designated hours for team members to collaborate and work together
The reason I chose this program was for networking and the caliber of guest speakers, which I couldn't find elsewhere. Topics like the job search process and interviews are program highlights. In one word: indispensable!
Erhan Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m
Patika+ Cohort 2 Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp
Mentor Support
Access mentors dedicated to enhancing technical skills throughout the program, available to answer all kinds of questions


While creating Patika+, we have brought together the skills that our industry partners need and prioritize the most. As a Full-stack Web Developer, you will find all the technical and professional skills required to start your first job in this program.
1. Ay

Temel C# ─░fadeleri(C# Syntax - Kontrol Yap─▒lar─▒ - D├Âng├╝ler) Metotlar ve Parametreler - Exception Handling - Nesne Y├Ânelimli Programlama - Koleksiyonlar ve Generics - Lambda ─░fadeleri ve LINQ - Asenkron Programlama

2. Ay

Veri Yap─▒lar─▒ ve Algoritmalar - SQL(SQL Temelleri - Tablolarla ├çal─▒┼čmak - JOIN Yap─▒lar─▒ - Alt Sorgular) - .Net Core'a Giri┼č - .Net Ortamlar─▒ - .Net CLI

3. Ay

.Net ile Konsol Uygulama Geli┼čtirme - - Veri Eri┼čimi - RESTful API - G├╝venlik - Mikroservis - Test - Loglama - CQRS - Kod Kalitesi

─░┼č Ba┼čvular─▒na Haz─▒rs─▒n
4th Month

HTML - CSS - Bootstrap

─░┼č Ba┼čvular─▒na Haz─▒rs─▒n
5th Month

JavaScript - React

─░┼č Ba┼čvular─▒na Haz─▒rs─▒n
6th Month

React - Redux

─░┼č Ba┼čvular─▒na Haz─▒rs─▒n
Leading employers work with us!
Employers work with us to train and hire in groups. We train promising developers in our bootcamps and directly place successful graduates at the sponsoring employers.
Employers we collaborate with
Graduates we placed into jobs
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The feedback score by our past students
Patika+ Community
When comparing Patika+ to other programs I applied for, its emphasis on practical, real-world projects, proven success in the field, and presentations by experienced instructors were critical in my decision. Additionally, the interactive learning opportunities, like flexible programs and online sessions, further affirmed my choice of Patika+.
Arda Canbak─▒┼č
Patika+ Cohort 2 Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp
I'm extremely satisfied with the program's progress. Patika+ has made numerous positive contributions in my life, and I'm already starting to feel sad knowing that the program will come to an end.
Omar Yusuf ├ľnalan
Patika+ Cohort 1 Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp
The extensive content, interactive learning experience, and availability of experienced mentors were the main factors in my choice of Patika+. I felt confident in joining knowing there would always be support, especially during challenging learning moments. In summary: motivating.
Rabia ├ça─čl─▒
Patika+ Cohort 2 Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp
If I were to describe Patika+ in one word, I'd say 'Family.' The environment here, with instructors and participants, revolves around mutual support. Even at 4 in the morning, we can find someone on Discord willing to help with the slightest problem.
Bar─▒┼č Can Berki
Patika+ Cohort 2 Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp


90.000 Ôé║
120.000 Ôé║
Pay in 12 installments with your credit card, or extend to up to 36 months with shopping credit.
Get your payment refunded if you can't secure a job within 12 months after graduation!
6 months of comprehensive technical training
Full-time mentorship support
Hands-on practices with projects, assignments
Soft skills training and software career prep
Networking opportunities in the technology sector
Interview simulations
Much more
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Frequently asked questions

How many hours per week does the program require? Do I need to quit my job to join?

­čĹë In the Patika+ program, participants are expected to dedicate 30-40 hours per week. Many of our students successfully manage this workload while maintaining their jobs. Ultimately, the decision to join should be based on your assessment of your work and personal commitments.

Are there any prerequisites for the Patika+ programs?

­čĹë In our qualification process, we aim to assess your aptitude for Patika+ and understand your potential as a programmer. This involves technical testing (no prior software knowledge required; the test is designed to gauge your suitability for software development) and a video interview.

When is the program fee due?

­čĹë After successfully passing the selection process, you will receive provisional admission. You must submit the program fee within 3 business days of receiving the provisional acceptance.

What are the payment options available?

­čĹë You can pay the program fee in advance with your credit card or via transfer/EFT. Additionally, installment options are available for up to 12 installments, with varying interest rates depending on the agreement with banks. Alternatively, you can opt for payment over up to 36 months using shopping credit.

How does Patika+ differ from the traditional platform?

­čĹë's business model revolves around training and placing individuals seeking careers in the technology sector through employer-funded programs. To date, this model has successfully placed over 2400 students in positions within partner companies.

- Due to the high demand and limited capacity of our programs, we can only accommodate a small percentage of applicants who successfully pass the technical qualification process, typically less than 5% of total applications.

- We refer friends who aspire to become programmers but struggle to pass technical exams to explore free trials on Unfortunately, many of them start but eventually discontinue the content, despite their genuine desire to become programmers. We understand that learning software independently through online content alone can be challenging, especially for beginners, and support in this aspect is crucial.

- Recognizing the high demand for a program catering to individuals highly motivated to become programmers while also accommodating friends at the starting point of their journey, we aimed to devise a comprehensive solution, leading to the creation of Patika+. Unlike programs, which typically span 3 to 6 months and are unlikely to be funded by employers, Patika+ programs are paid.


Why choose Patika+ over your free bootcamps?

­čĹë Our free bootcamps are employer-funded programs with limited capacity, spanning 6-8 weeks and requiring a certain level of coding knowledge to enroll. If you meet the technical requirements for our free bootcamps, we encourage you to join them. However, for those who lack the necessary knowledge to meet the initial criteria, are unsure where to begin, or have struggled to continue with free online trails independently and lack guidance, Patika+ is the ideal solution.

Is Patika+ entirely conducted online?

­čĹë Yes, the entire program is conducted online. However, we also host physical events for networking and entertainment in Istanbul and Ankara. It's important to note that attendance at these events is optional for participants from out-of-town.

What is the content like in Patika+?

­čĹë The program is built on's Cohorts platform. It combines ready-made video content from with weekly technical workshops led by expert instructors. Throughout each week, participants engage in social activities with classmates and collaborate during office hours. Practical assignments are assigned weekly, complemented by quizzes to assess learning and revisit any missed topics. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to learn from industry experts in both technical subjects and soft skills.

Is there a commitment to continue with Patika+?

­čĹë Yes, there is an obligation to continue in the program. To successfully graduate, participants must attend at least 90% of all events. However, for the employee program, this requirement is reduced to 80%.

What are the criteria for successfully completing the program?

­čĹë To graduate successfully, participants must meet the following criteria: maintain a minimum attendance rate of 90% (80% for employees) and achieve a score of over 85% on assignments, quizzes, and projects.

What are the strategies for successfully completing the program?

­čĹë The educational content and structure of the program were crafted based on insights gleaned from over 250 programs conducted by to date. You can trust in the quality of our program. However, to graduate successfully, it's essential to dedicate 30-40 hours per week to active participation, complete all practice-oriented assignments and projects on time, and maintain good motivation. With sufficient time and commitment, you'll find yourself graduating and becoming a proficient programmer. Whenever you need support or guidance, the team will be there for you.

To whom does the refund policy apply?

­čĹë The refund policy applies to individuals under the age of 30 who have successfully graduated from a 4-year university program and have completed the Patika+ program successfully.

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Full-stack Web Developer Bootcamp
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