iyzico Supports Women in Front-end Web development through Patika Practicum

iyzico and Patika have launched a Front-end Practicum to strengthen aspiring women programmers in front-end web development, one of the most demanded fields in tech. 

The Practicum will be open to applications from anyone who identifies as a woman and wants to land their first tech job as a front-end developer. Interested candidates can apply to the program here by June 22.

Practicum is a model of project-based learning and cohort-based hiring, where companies provide and assess candidates’ skills before they make hiring decisions. The iyzico Front-end Practicum will last for seven weeks, where participants will take online courses on Patika.dev learning platform and build projects. It covers the core technical skills required to be a junior developer as well as soft skills such as working remotely with others in harmony, self-learning, peer reviews and giving and receiving feedback. 

iyzico HR Partner Seval Utuş said "It’s important for us to increase the representation of women in tech. We’ve realized that although women have all the skills they need, they may sometimes need initial encouragement and guidance to shape their careers and take their first steps in tech. So, we chose to provide this project-based Practicum to women in partnership with Patika that also works hard for diversity in tech. We are happy to open doors of opportunities to women developers and have a chance to hire new developers from a program that we ourselves provided.”

The practicum will not only train women developer candidates, but will also give an opportunity to get hired in cohorts by iyzico. We are super excited to provide this opportunity to women in tech!

About iyzico

Iyzico is a financial technology company facilitating online shopping experience for both shoppers and sellers.

About Patika

Patika provides cohort-based hiring solutions to companies for tech talent. Since inception in March 2021, it’s helped 70+ companies launch in total 100 talent programs where these companies were able to train-then-hire in total 3,000 developers in cohorts.


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