teams up with the Solana Foundation to make Turkey a hub for Solana developers

We are super excited to announce a new practicum developed with a grant from the Solana Foundation! We aim to make Turkey one of the most active countries in the Solana ecosystem, and this announcement marks an important milestone for this journey.<>Solana Foundation Practicum will provide a structured learning pathway and community support for developers to learn about web3 fundamentals and build projects on Solana. In the first phase, we aim to onboard ~4,000 developers and help build at least 100 successful projects. This first phase will end with the Solana Hacker House in Istanbul - stay tuned!

If you'd like to join the Practicum, sign up here.

Let's take a closer look:

In this program, developers will enter the exciting world of web3, learn Rust and build web3 applications using developer friendly tools offered by Solana. 

We’ve prepared the online learning pathway with Buildspace. The course is self-paced, free of charge, and in English - so, anyone in the world can join. We’ll support developers with cohort-based learning as well (Practicum is’s scalable cohort learning model), providing office hours, mentoring support, and a Discord server where you can ask your questions on a weekly basis. In the process, you will also have the opportunity to meet some of the Solana Foundation team!🥳

We’ll cover the followings during the learning journey:

  • Web3 fundamentals
  • Solana network introduction
  • Client interactions
  • Rust fundamentals
  • Program development on Solana
  • Anchor framework

Successful builders will receive an NFT and join Buildspace quests!

What is better than receiving an NFT to showcase your skills? We’ve partnered with Superteam, who is creating an amazing community in India and Vietnam, to award NFTs to developers who successfully submit their final projects. 

Once you submit your project, you’ll also be able to join Buildspace quests, where you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 and get jobs in the Solana ecosystem! 

Why Solana Foundation?

💪 One of the most engaged developer communities

🧪 Cutting edge innovations 

💻 Built-in easy-to-use tools and libraries that you can build your dApps without knowing Rust

📚 Available programs for you to interact and build with

Why join<>Solana Foundation Practicum?

🚀 Now is the best time to start learning what web3 is all about

📚 Opportunity to learn Solana & Rust with a structured pathway

👀 Beginner-friendly

💻 Learn in your own time & speed

🤝 Community-supported learning 

✨ Mentoring 

📝 Hands on projects

🏆 Claim a limited edition 'Solana Foundation X Patika' series NFT

💸Access to grants, bounties and more upon successful completion

About Solana

Solana is an open-source layer-1 blockchain project that aims to provide high-performance at low-cost. Solana’s decentralized blockchain is built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world! 🚀 

Scale for global adoption: Solana ensures composability between ecosystem projects by maintaining a single global state as the network scales. 

Low cost, forever: Solana's scalability ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 for both developers and users.

Fast, forever: Solana is all about speed, with 400 millisecond block times. And as hardware gets faster, so does the network.

Decentralized and secure: Not only is Solana ultra-fast and low cost, it is censorship resistant. The Solana network is spread over thousands of independent nodes — which means that your transactions are always safe.

About Patika trains developers at scale and creates talent ecosystems for companies all over the world. Its online learning platform currently has 120,000+ developers, growing ~10% MoM. This is a great opportunity to onboard developers to web3 with the right structure and support mechanisms.

Since March 2022, has onboarded 3,000+ developers to web3 thanks to partnerships with NEAR, Ethereum Foundation, and Harmony. It has also built partnerships with 20+ university student clubs and many communities around the world.

About the Solana Foundation

The Solana Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Zug, Switzerland, dedicated to the decentralization, adoption and security of the Solana ecosystem. For more information, please visit

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