Boosting Careers in Mobile Software Development: The Success of FMSS Bilişim’s 7-Week iOS and Android Bootcamps with 13 hirings

Our 7-week iOS and Android bootcamp, held in partnership with FMSS Bilişim, have become a real success, providing the perfect opportunity for 13 talented candidates to kickstart their careers at FMSS. Out of the 1861 applicants, 53 students delivered impressive graduation projects and 13 of them were hired by FMSS (6 iOS, 7 Android), exceeding the company's foreseen target of hires.

During the bootcamp, students received expert training and supplemented their knowledge with online courses and hands-on practices. They also received mentorship from alumni and gained valuable insights into FMSS Bilişim's company culture through regular sessions with company members. This program not only helped our students grow professionally, but also allowed them to develop personally through peer learning activities.

FMSS Head of Engineering Burhan Karakaş said “We really loved working with Patika! The way of work is detailed, well designed, comprehensive and dedicated. We know how difficult it is to maintain these operations because we organized a bootcamp inside, and learned that it  requires very intense efforts. In seven weeks, candidates improved their technical skills impressively. Design of content, homeworks, follow-up tests, interviews all gave us intuitive insights about every candidate. Overall, when we look at the result, we are very pleased to see that we have added 13 very valuable friends to the team in a short period of time. Hiring 13 people in a cohort at once has been a one of a kind experience for us. We now plan to run a bootcamp every year.”

We are so happy to see creating sustainable hiring models for companies and candidates!

About FMSS

FMSS Bilişim is the reliable technology business partner of leading companies in their sectors. FMSS Bilişim, which aims to create added value by providing quality technology solutions and professional services to its customers, contributes to its customers to stay ahead of the competition, increase their business efficiency and continuity, reduce their product and service production costs and discover new growth areas.

About Patika

Patika provides cohort-based training and hiring solutions to companies for tech talent. Since its inception in March 2021, Patika has helped 100+ companies launch 120+ talent programmes where these companies were able to train-then-hire 3,000+ developers in cohorts.

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