Madduck reached iOS application entrepreneur candidates with Patika Workshop

Madduck and have recently run an engaging workshop called “Open Your App to the World via Madduck Publishing''. The programme applications were open to anyone, as individuals or teams, who wanted to benefit from Madduck's financial, marketing and mentoring support while developing their iOS applications!

After launching the programme, Bahar Bolükbaşı and Emre Koçak from the Madduck team  joined us on a youtube live stream hosted by Tolga Yüce (Senior Business Development Specialist at During the one hour session, the Madduck team provided the audience with valuable information regarding the mobile application development world, on various related topics such as how to publish an app and earn money from it, what MVP is and why it is important, how to understand and use customer feedback to improve the app.

Participant comment: “Really grateful for this session, it addressed and answered many of my questions which I was struggling to find an answer on my own.”

The programme mainly targeted iOS developers who were interested in putting their applications on the market but had difficulties or questions with respect to the business model and publishing. We got hundreds of applications for the programme and following the selection period we supported and monitored around 60 participants in a two week prototype development period. 

On the workshop day, participants got together with the Madduck team to learn more in detail about why they should focus on the subscription business in mobile apps, how to develop a prototype tailored towards the subscription business and crucial tips about the task. Through the Q&A session with Madduck team members, participants were given guidance on many topics which they felt the need for support. Then, on the private discord channel dedicated for the cohort, the participants were enabled to collaborate with each other by discussing critical points of their projects, get socialized and stay motivated to finish their prototypes.


 At the end of the two-week prototype development period, the projects were collected and Madduck evaluated the ideas according to following criterias:

  • What is the problem/pain point?
  • What is the solution?
  • What is the distinguishing feature?
  • Competition
  • Feasibility/ Applicability
  • Demo

At the end of the assessment, three ideas were selected for further steps! 

Madduck Head of Publishing, Bahar Bölükbaşı said that “It was really fun and exciting to launch such a programme with Patika dev. The team has won our hearts with its supportive and positive attitude. Above all, it has been an enlightening experience for all of us with many insights gained.”

The programme was one of a kind for both Patika and Madduck. We are very happy to see that through this workshop, Madduck strengthened and boosted its company brand by sharing its precious know-how with a very large number of developers and in a sense planted the seeds of new future business relationships.

We are also highly pleased about the fact that this workshop gave Madduck the chance to meet a great number of developers and discover & evaluate app domains with promising potential through the submitted projects. 

Hope to have many more partnerships together in the future!

About Madduck

Madduck is on a mission to democratize the mobile subscription business for all app developers across the globe since 2018. They envision a world where any developer can simply develop a useful app and enjoy the benefits of the subscription model, without knowing all the details about the subscription model.

About Patika

Patika provides cohort-based training and hiring solutions to companies for tech talent. Since its inception in March 2021, Patika has helped 100+ companies launch 120+ talent programmes where these companies were able to train-then-hire 3,000+ developers in cohorts.

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