Pazarama continues to launch bootcamps as its young talent hiring strategy

Pazarama helped to train 80 new talents and hired 7 of them in bootcamps within one year. After successfully completing React Bootcamp on January’22, Pazarama launched iOS Swift and Android Kotlin Bootcamps on September’22 to hire new talents and expand its mobile development teams as well. The program announcements were met with great enthusiasm by young developers, and received 2000+ applications in just two weeks!

Following the technical and soft skill assessments, 80 candidates were qualified to participate in the bootcamps, got a 7-week intense training and eventually built projects. During these seven weeks, Pazarama had a chance to assess candidates more thoroughly, evaluate their projects, observe their cultural fit and ultimately hired 7 of them as new team members. 

Over the 7 week program, the participants learned from senior developers, while strengthening their knowledge through online courses and practices. They also received mentorship support from alumni, and got actively engaged in peer learning, along with gaining insight into Pazarama's company culture through regular meeting sessions with the company members. The bootcamp provided a unique opportunity for participants to grow both personally and professionally.

After this intensive training, candidates presented their final projects to Pazarama’s HR team and technical leaders to show their hard work. The quality of these projects were a testament to the success of the program, and Pazarama was thrilled to welcome 3 new React Developers, 2 new iOS Developers and 2 Android Developers to the team. This program continues to be a valuable venue for Pazarama to identify and recruit top talent.

Pazarama Human Resources Business Partner Burcu Şahin said “The biggest difficulty with hiring new graduates is that they have limited, mostly zero hands-on projects experience and are far from being aware of the needs of the sector. Bootcamps help to ease both of these issues in a period of 7 weeks! We were very pleased with the code quality of the projects delivered to us at the end of the bootcamp. Both their involving in projects by reinforcing their technical knowledge and also manifesting their own efforts and motivation to work in Pazarama provided us plenty of data during the interviews, which simply made it much easier to decide on hirings.”

It is amazing to see how Pazarama improved its new talent hiring process with bootcamps and touched almost a hundred people’s lives in a positive way.

About Pazarama

Pazarama is an e-commerce company that promises its users to meet their needs in every moment of daily life from a single application. Different services from online shopping to fuel payment, transportation card loading, grocery and food order are combined on the Pazarama platform. In addition, many conveniences such as discounts, installments and points are offered to users at the time of payment.

About Patika provides cohort-based training and hiring solutions to companies for tech talent. Since its inception in March 2021, Patika has helped 100+ companies launch 120+ talent programmes where these companies were able to train-then-hire 3,000+ developers in cohorts.

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