Tens of female developers launch their tech careers after iyzico Front-end Practicum

We were excited to launch our partnership with iyzico back in July 2022 to support women taking their first steps in software development careers. When we started off,   the Front-end Practicum aimed to strengthen aspiring women programmers in front-end web development, one of the most demanded fields in tech. 

Today, we’re super proud to announce the first results of our program! Only after two weeks of completion of the program, our graduates have already started to land their first tech jobs! Here are some highlights:

  • We’ve received 1,177 applications! This is a comparable number to our average programs, indicating a strong interest from female developer candidates. Many female developers are actually looking for a platform where they can learn and grow together.
  • After the admissions, 55 women started the Practicum. Selection process was based on fundamental coding knowledge, interest and motivation of candidates. While 56% of participants (30 out of 55) had computer-science related degrees, the degree wasn’t among our selection criteria. There were participants with many different backgrounds, including law and art design.
  • Practicum is Patika.dev’s scalable cohort-learning model, where participants follow an online learning pathway and receive weekly support from mentors. We were happy to see 60% of the participants completed all activities and submitted their final projects (whereas the average completion rate of online content is less than 5%)!
  • Each learner spent an average of 120 hours with online content, project building and office hours.
  • iyzico team and our mentors were always present in the Discord channel to support the participants. This engaging environment motivated participants to  self-organize social events and network outside the program as well!


  • Within only two weeks of graduation, 25% of participants were already hired by several tech companies! iyzico team itself hired three amazing female developers! We expect that 80%+ of the graduates will find a tech job within the next few months.

iyzico HR Partner Seval Utuş said “We’re proud to see many young women having such a great learning opportunity to directly benefit their careers. During the program, they received both social and technical support from their peers and Patika.dev mentors. Although we have started the program with the intention of supporting women and not necessarily hiring ourselves, we were pleasantly happy to hire three bright women from the Practicum - it’s super exciting for us to have a more diverse team!”

Busra Elif Kutlu

Busra Elif Kutlu, one of the program graduates who just landed her first tech job at iyzico, expressed her feelings saying “Learning together was amazing! With this group motivation and my self-belief, even if I had a non computer related background, I developed my final project to the best of my ability. Ultimately I got a job offer from iyzico! Now I am extremely happy that there is a new and exciting journey ahead for me. “

We are grateful to our partners like iyzico who make such amazing differences in the community!

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