Uludağ Blockchain Community joins Patika’s Web3 Education Partners

About Patika web3

Launched in March 2022, Patika web3 aims to build one of the most structured onboarding experiences for developers of web3.  Working together with leading web3 ecosystems we aim to introduce developers to new technologies and help them launch their projects & careers. We’ve already built successful partnerships with NEAR, Ethereum Foundation ESP, and Harmony ZKU.ONE -  helping 3,000+ developers across 64 countries take their first steps into web3 technologies. We’re delighted to be a guide for people who want to make their way through web3. Here is the story of Yeliz who became an NCD transitioning from a nursing career.

Since the program's launch, we have been working towards building partnerships with existing communities since we know we will be stronger together! Our first partnerships have been with ITU Blockchain and Sabanci University Blockchain & Finance Clubs. We’ve already started working together to spread educational resources whilst creating new ones, with our first one being the Solidity Q/A Workshop which was held by ITU Blockchain Club. 

We’re very happy to announce that UluBlock has also joined our web3 partnerships today! 

About Uludağ Blockchain Community

Uludag Blockchain Community was established on March 19, 2022. Before launching the club, the members did not know each other and just gathered intending to spread blockchain technology around. When they started to learn this technology, they discovered that software development has no limits and there is another world in web3 more than they could do. They held the "Blockchain: Evolution" event as the first blockchain event in Bursa. The event attracted the attention they expected, so they realised that this ecosystem is not limited to Istanbul and Ankara. After that, they had a chance to hold an event about cloud technologies with Turk Telecom company, and they started to explore more about this technology. While they are exploring the blockchain ecosystem, they realised that theoretical knowledge was not enough to learn, and they needed to practice more with concrete projects. With the aim of that, they found it advantageous to become a partner with Patika.dev and build more projects to improve their skills.

Our plans together with Uludağ Blockchain Community

Together with UluBlock, we plan to amplify each other’s work and organise various educational activities. Our combined efforts and actions will surely be much stronger!

Call to action for other communities

If you want your organisation/club/community to be involved in similar partnerships, please reach out to us by filling out this short form or email me at sena@patika.dev! 

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