From International Relations to Android Development

From International Relations Department to becoming an Android Developer: If you are curious about this wonderful story of Akın Keskinbaş, keep reading:

Software development is a hot area with many job opportunities. But we observed that many people are hesitant to take their first step into the field thinking that lack of a CS degree may prevent them from having a successful career. We don’t agree. Actually, we see new examples of people from untraditional backgrounds breaking into the field every day. The story of Akin Keskinbas is a great example: He is now working as an Android Developer at one of the largest e-commerce companies, and his background is International Relations. If you are curious about this wonderful story of Akın, keep reading:

How did you meet the software development field?

I was into games as a kid and always wondered how online games were created. My curiosity turned into asking ‘How can I develop my own game?’ in time and triggered me to look for the answers.

While watching the tutorials explaining how these games are made, I realized that I was interested in this field and that I could work with pleasure if I switched to this field. If you love doing something, I think you can do it really well after a while. This awareness ignited a new career choice for me.

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How did you take the first step into being a developer?

Even though I had an interest in software development, I unfortunately had to choose the Department of International Relations as I studied at a non-technical high school. When I took my first exam at university, I realized that I didn’t belong to that department and began to look for alternative careers.

Coming from a non-technical background wouldn’t stop me. During Covid, I started self-learning on the web. Watching videos wasn’t enough to enhance developer skills without practicing. Working on small and large projects, and starting to create a Github repo kept me moving forward.

I aimed to release an application to Google Play and found an app idea. During the learning period, I applied every new learning to this application.

As my app was becoming more solid, the idea of seeing it live on Google Play motivated me even more. I released it within a month. I was very surprised by the interest of people even though there was no advertisement after going live! It has reached 350,000 users in a short period of time and entered the top 100 list in the entertainment category in Turkey! Currently, 500,000 users are actively using the application :)

What kind of application did you develop?

I developed a Netflix-like app about animes. You can learn new information about animes, watch them or mark them as your favorites, and be notified when new information comes. There is also a chat section where you can talk to your friends online and make comments about your favorite topics. Since there is no other application in this specific field, I have met a need. So, it was in great demand.

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How did you learn about Patika?

After my app became successful, I made up my mind to work as a software developer and applied to Patika’s Android Development Cohort that Hepsiburada sponsored. During the cohort, I didn’t only learn coding but also made new friends to share technical ideas and improved myself quickly.

During this cohort, I continued to add new functions to my application. At the end of the cohort, I was immediately hired by Hepsiburada as an Android Developer. Thanks to Hepsiburada and Patika, one of my dreams has come true.

It is not investment advice, but I won by changing my career. :)

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