How you can get into web3 as a developer: Bilge Kesen’s story

Bilge Kesen submitted her NEAR Certified Developer project and became one of the first graduates in Turkey!

Patika launched its first web3 educational program in partnership with NEAR in March 2022. With 2,200+ sign-ups from 64 countries and 105 NEAR Certified Developer project submissions, the program was a success. But more important is personal stories of our students. Here is the story from our first cohort in web3: Bilge Kesen!

Can you tell us about yourself and your programming journey?

I am a software developer working in the finance sector. I graduated from Marmara University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department.

I met with programming in the first year of university during the Introduction to Computer Programming class. I loved it and then shaped my career on it.

Why did you love programming so much?

It all started with the engineer mindset: I set up an algorithm for everything I do even in my daily life :) There is always a to-do list in my mind telling me what to do in what order. I guess that's why I'm interested in programming that combines logic, math, and algorithms. I like finding solutions to problems and see the results objectively.

How did you hear about & NEAR Developer Course? What were your expectations when applying?

I wanted to learn web3 and came across the program while researching several courses. Being a part of a community, having a roadmap, and having people around to talk with when I had a problem were important factors convincing me to sign up.

Can you tell us about your web3 learning journey?

It went pretty well for me. I met very successful people in the practicum groups. I saw people supporting each other. The training was very informative. I always got answers to the questions I asked. Thanks so much to Patika and NEAR Education teams!

What advice would you give to other candidates for future programs?

I recommend them to keep learning in the programs as much as they can. There are some really good resources out there, whether it's for learning new things or for refreshing knowledge.

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