Israel from Nigeria became the first person in our cohort to submit the ZKU.ONE assignment!

Israel started to build a web3 career for himself and is making great progress with the ZKU.ONE program!

Patika launched a pre-training program in partnership for ZKU.ONE  this month. Our goal is to help developers practice Solidity and submit the background assignment to be accepted to the ZKU.ONE course in May.

The program already attracted 500+ developers from 35 countries - they are now completing the pre-training program and submitting assignments.

Bu Israel is special: He became the first person in this group to submit the ZKU assignment and complete the pre-training program!

Israel Abazie is an ambitious village boy from Ohiya in Abia State, Nigeria. He is an entrepreneur, a builder, a designer, and a technical writer among others. At a very young age, he already knew who he wished to become: He enjoys helping people and solving problems. But the path to attaining this goal has been rocky – filled with ups and downs – yet, he remains resolute in his determination to transmute his dreams into actualities. So impressed by his success, we had a short interview with him:

How did your interest in web3 technologies start and evolve? 

I was transfixed by the technology behind NFTs when I got introduced to it around October 2021. So I began my research to learn more about ERC-721 tokens. While at it, I designed my first web3 mobile app – A real estate dApp built on Cardano that uses the sale of its NFTs to take on projects. Later when I joined Block Games – A mini bootcamp that trains people to become a blockchain developer in a fun-styled way, my interest in web3 skyrocketed and it has been increasing since then.  

You are a Champion at the United Nations Nigerian Youth SDGs Network. How does this role connect with your goals? 

I was selected as a champion and volunteer by United Nations SDGs Nigerian network to advance the regional network's work on the Sustainable Development Goal 8, “To promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”. This has been consistent with my goal of helping people to live a meaningful life: A life filled with endless opportunities. 

You are the first person from our cohort to complete the pre-training for ZKU.ONE. Can you tell us a bit about this experience?

Admittedly, is a go-to platform for anyone that wants to launch a career in Web3. Its course contents are beginner-friendly, very intuitive, and meticulously curated. For this reason and with the constant support from mentors and course coordinators, it was possible for me to conclude the pre-training phase for ZKU.ONE ahead of time. 

What do you hope to achieve if you join the ZKU.ONE cohort in May? 

I’d love to join more conversations on the use of Zero-Knowledge Proofs in building innovative solutions while helping fellow participants in my cohort to complete their tasks. Also, I hope to set up a DAO and build two solutions – an email service and ticket DApp powered by Zero-Knowledge Cryptography – to be deployed on Harmony Mainnet.

If you'd like to join the pre-training program and meet wonderful people like Israel and launch a career in Web3, join us by the end of April:

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