Sergii from Ukraine became the first developer completing our NEAR bootcamp!

Sergii Onufriienko became the first developer completing the NEAR Certified Developer project at Patika!

Patika launched its first web3 educational program in partnership with NEAR in March 2022. Our goal is to help at least 100 developers become NEAR Certified Developers by May 15.

The program already attracted 2,200+ developers from 64 countries - they are now completing the courses and submitting projects.

But Sergii Onufriienko is special: He became the first developer among this group to submit his project and complete the program! So impressed by his success, we had a short interview with him:

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Sergii, I am from Ukraine. I am the father of a beautiful daughter. I like hiking and learning something new every day!


How did you meet with coding? 

It was my childhood dream. At school, I started to learn CS, servers, nets, and scripts. Then Microsoft released C# and I was in love with it. Then I learned Python, JS/TS (React and Node.js), Go, and Rust.

Now I am working in a Blockchain startup and am very happy to build the future.


What made you apply for Patika's web3 and NEAR Bootcamp?

I read about Patika on LinkedIn. Before, I'd heard a lot of news about NEAR Protocol and this bootcamp was like a call to action. It's not the first blockchain I learned but I really like NEAR.


How was your bootcamp experience when learning NEAR?

Patika provides a perfect combination of theory and practical tasks. Gamification makes the educational process more fun. Code examples on GitHub were handy. Check out docs about AssemblyScript and NEAR. After the course, It was easy for me to create Smart Contract for Auctions on NEAR Protocol. 

Now with strong basics, I can go to NEAR docs and dig deeper with NFT and Rust.

I wish to see more programs like this on Patika! Thanks a lot!

If you'd like to join the program and meet wonderful people like Sergii and become a NEAR Certified Developer, join us:

Check out Sergii's accounts here:

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